Division of MVM Holding, specializing in the construction of electrical power and control panels.

MVM Quadri builds large and small distribution panels, automation panels for individual machines and entire production departments, electrical connection boxes, parallel inverter boards, and general panels for photovoltaic systems, accompanying the customer through the entire process, up to the on-site technical inspection.

Testing and inspection department
Using certified and inspected digital instruments, we inspect all of our products, making sure they meet the current technical regulations for electrical panels, in particular EN 61439-1-2-3-4-5 and IEC 2351.

Depending on the type of application, specific checks are also carried out in relation to other regulations. These are planned during the design stage.

Engineering Department
All of our panels are internally designed by engineers specializing in the different fields: electrical distribution, industrial automation, process control, energy production from alternative sources, etc.

We use modern CAD software that automates all design phases – check, development, revision – and create documents and diagrams that always meet current regulations.

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Large distribution panels.